The first thing you’ll need to win is a strategy!

The very first of our sic bo tips for winning is to take into account that every bet has a different house edge, and that the casino will always have the upper hand even if it’s only slightly. The second of our sic bo tips for winning is to never forget that no matter how hard you try, you can’t predict the outcome of the roll of the dice. Every game in every casino is closely monitored to ensure that all results are totally random. In the long term, when it comes to sic bo, you should always go with the low house edge options: if you play for long enough these low payouts add up! Online sic bo tips are precisely the same, the only difference being that it’s played on a pc.

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Sic bo tips for winning don’t stop there! If you like taking chances, then a high risk strategy is perfect. If you’ll be playing a small amount of games, the above strategy will obviously not work; you need to take the table by storm. The highest wins you’ll get here will be for specific triple bets, and the house edge on these bets will depend on the payoff. One of the most important sic bo tips for winning is this: do not look for or read too much into patterns in the game. No roll is related to the one before it in any way, remember this! You may get a run of good luck on a certain bet, but this is just a coincidence.

But these sic bo bets look complicated…

Sic Bo is not a difficult game to play, but it is complicated in the sense that there are many different types of bets you can make: that’s why we are here to help you out with sic bo tips for winning! You can also make multiple bets, and even bet different amounts of money on various bets, all in the same online Sic Bo game. So it is important to grasp the Sic Bo rules and to fully understand the different types of bets, how to place each bet, and how much you stand to win or lose on every bet.

It is especially important to know the house edge, that’s one of our invaluable sic bo tips for winning. The house edge is the difference between the odds of you winning a particular wager and the actual payout if you do win. That house edge difference is how the casino makes a profit, which is what keeps them in business. The lower the house edge, the better the bet is for the player. When it comes to Sic Bo, the house advantage is different for the different bets. The Small and Big bets have a fairly low house advantage of 2.78 %. Other Sic Bo bets have a house edge that can range up to 16 %. So with all of our sic bo tips for winning this is definitely a game that you can play to make some real money.

Something to keep in mind, however, is that the house advantage is a mathematical analysis of the expected outcome over a very long period of time- the extreme long run. It’s not by any means a prediction of what the result will be for one person in the course of an online Sic Bo game. No matter how many sic bo tips for winning we give you we can’t predict the future. Your luck might be running strong, or it might not…that’s the beauty of gambling.

The Small and Big bets are solid Sic Bo bets. They have low house edges, and you are likely to win at Sic Bo almost half the time if you choose either one of them. But honestly, betting solely on Small or Big can get pretty boring after a while. A good way to keep your Sic Bo game interesting is to mix up your bets. There are so many different Sic Bo bets to choose from, each one with different odds and different payouts. You’ll find that the more variety you add to your Sic Bo games, the more exciting it will turn out to be. And, after all, fun and excitement are the reasons for playing Sic Bo in the first place! Winning is fun too, and out sic bo tips for winning will help get you there!

Where did this game come from?

Tai Sai or Dai Siu are two other names for this exciting game Sic Bo. The name of the game will vary depending on where you are playing it. In Asia you will find all three are used names used depending on the country you are in. in English, these words mean big and small or hi-lo. Sic Bo has always been an extremely popular game in Asia, but until recently it was not considered to be that big of a deal by the rest of the world. It has been supposed that the game craps which is played with two dice rather than the three of Sic Bo is the European version of the game. North America didn’t have the privilege of partaking in Sic Bo until the very late 1900’s. The Chinese who decided to immigrate to the US brought the game with them. In several of the North American Casinos you are able to play this game.
Hopefully our wonderful sic bo tips for winning have helped you gain a better understanding of the game, and a love you it!